Our daily life seems so usual and depressing, even though there are still creative minds who can think exceptionally and create stunning ads, which will make us to look twice.

They surprised me with their uniqueness. All these advertisement can make your day better and it can also be a source of inspiration.

In today’s post I’ve selected 115 most interesting and creative ads. I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy every one of them.

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01. Cemex: Fast Drying Concrete

02. Folgers Coffee: Manhole

03. Eskom: Use Electricity Wisely

04. Monster Wrong job Bus Advertisement

05. DHL Online Tracking

06. Roulette Baggage Carousel

07. Stop Global Warming: You Can Help

08. Hotwheels: Stunts

09. ESPN Couch

10. Papermate: Ultra fine

11. McDonald’s: The Real Milkshake

12. Koba Long Lasting Batteries: Junkyard

13. Eli’s Pizza Express: Biketruck

14. Biofreeze: It won’t hurt

15. Rubiks Cube: 25 years and still going

16. Vitae: Shelters

17. Canon: Cyber Shot

18. Denver Water – Use Only What You Need

19. FedEx Truck

20. Copenhagen Zoo Bus

21. Nikon D700 Billboard

22. Creative Shopping Bag Designs

23. Rowenta

24. Before It’s Too Late

25. Panasonic: Washer

26. Tabaconomia: Calculates Tobacco Costs

27. Purina: Puppy Chow

28. Florida Center Book & Film Festival: Gorilla

29. Adidas: Australian Conditions

30. iPod Shuffle Campaing

31. Sony: Theatre Atmosphere

32. BBC: See Both Sides Of The Story

33. Motorola: MING8 GPS

34. M&M: Communication Just Got Sweeter

35. Nikon: Face Detect

36. Purina Bark in the Park: Tree

37. SBP: Will Work For Food

38. Comcast: We Make Big Fast

39. Friends of the Earth

40. SA Rugby: Pole Vault

41. Adidas: Quit Smoking

42. Keep Holland Clean Foundation: Trash

43. Mini Cooper: Vencing Machine

44. Audi: Chairs

45. Google Street View

46. ATM: Life’s too short for wrong job

47. Omax: Wide Lense

48. Act Now To Save Our Planet

49. Bose: Noise Reduction Headphones

50. Seiko: Wake Up

51. Heinz Ketchup: No One Grows Ketchup Like This

52. Nationwide Insurance: Spilt Paint

53. We build for the future

54. RSPCA: Hard Working Cat

55. Cupid’s Bullets. Get Shot.

56. 707: Chase Legs

57. WPPED Cream: Elevator Award

58. Heineken: History Is Made In Rome

59. Sanyo: Ice

60. Bootcamps Australia: Make Fitness A Part Of Your Life

61. Ogawa: Avoid Smoking

62. Cobra Car Alarms: Alphorn Alarm

63. TMB: Large Films Don’t Fit In Here

64. Surfrider Foundation Europe: Jerrycan

65. Yo Sushi Restaurants: Yo Sushi Tuna

66. Decathlon: Operation Mountain Bike

67. Intersport: Free Your Sport

68. Volkswagen: Parking Made Easy

69. Olympus: Image Stabilization

70. Unimed-Rio: If You Drink, Please Don’t Drive!

71. Royal Life Saving: Drowning Deaths In Vodka

72. Beach Park: Vertigo

73. Rohan Builders: More Trees

74. Banco Financiero: Furious Flood

75. Bajaj DTS-Si Engine: Invisibility Cruiser

76. Volkswagen: The Dinosaur

77. IKEA: Living Room

78. Morphy Richards: Powerful Enough

79. ASICS: Bus

80. Nivea: Calcium Power

81. Vegetarians Restaurant

82. Alka Seltzer

83. Glassex – For Good Magican

84. Public Toilets

85. Eco Coffins

86. Findus Fraich’Frites Granny’s Fries without Granny

87. MTV Satellite

88. Decathlon – Better Gear

89. Sisal Biliard

90. Play Baseball

91. Yoga Position

92. Symantec Baby

93. Volkswagen Jetta – A trip to the beach

94. Breath Right – Train, Band, Bikes

95. Soho High Heels

96. Seat Leon

97. Gilette Ambient

98. Big Spills

99. Pasta

100. Verbal Abuse

101. McCormick Fish

102. Dense Smoke

103. Safari – Gorilla Show

104. The Big Pipe

105. Toyo Octopus

106. Stop Pain in Africa

107. Timotei Hair Care

108. Minery – Foot Care

109. Burger King

110. Magic Scotch

111. Spicy Pringles

112. Silan Wrestling

113. Pepsi Twist

114. Bose Noise – Waterfall

115. Volkswagen Touareg – Goat ad

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